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Re: Team Sponsorship 19/20
« Reply #60 on: December 29, 2019, 23:37 »
Nothing compares to the finest Kiwi team ever assembled.


2010 Tour of the Southland (Orca Velo Merino team).  :P

FWIW: I had dig up my first ever CN post (nine years ago!) to find that pic.  ;)

"ORCA VELO MERINO"! Hell of a name! One smart whale, and cute to boot; a machine of beauty and miraculous technology that I love; and a superior fabric material that is second to none.

But, is that FLOYD? He's no Kiwi? OMG, a simple google tells me it IS Floyd! Well, will wonders never cease.
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  • . . .He had the bit between his teeth, and he loiked the taste, mate . . .


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