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Re: 2019 TdF CQ Game
« Reply #30 on: July 28, 2019, 13:51 »
So, while we wait for the evening race today, we should try to build some sort of consensus about secondary competitions.

When (I think) CQ Manager started the GT games, the only scores given until the very end of the race were the guaranteed points, and I started chipping in with where we would be in the standings "if the race were to finish now", which obviously becomes more accurate as the race nears its conclusion (although situations like Alaphilippe in yellow keep us guessing in that regard).

When I took over the games, I retained the guaranteed points category as a secondary competition.  But this year I replaced that with a 'green jersey' ranking based on daily position in points gained or lost towards the main game.  This seemed well enough received during the Giro, but people have said during the Tour that they preferred the old system.

There's no point in me spending time on elements that people aren't enjoying, so let's find out what you are interested in.  So it would be good if as many of you as would could answer the following, and add any other thoughts, about how we do this in future GTs.  Answer in thread or PM to me: I'll wait until Wednesday before collating the responses.

Are you interested in there being a secondary competition?

Should it be based on the stage scores, or the effect of the stage on projected scores?
(On stage 20, would you give Geraint Thomas just 15 pts for 5th, or 15 + 70 for moving from 3rd to 2nd on GC)

Should it be scored according to simply points won by each rider, or the position of each manager on the day?

If we are only awarding points for the stage, should that include leader's points (the 20 point bonus to yellow jersey wearer)?

Any other thoughts/suggestions?
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