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Re: Stage 3, Binche > Épernay - 215 km
« on: July 09, 2019, 03:46 »
I only just watched the replay of today's stage.

As a heavy favorite heading into the day, you'd think Alaphilippe would've been more closely marked. But he just rocketed away and never looked back.

And those descending skills!!!!!!! That boy can FLY! Super-tuck, super-turns, super-fast. Crazy good. 

Once he launched, the day was his for the taking. Even knowing what he's capable of, that was an incredibly impressive display of power, nerves and bike handling.

Welcome to France, Le Tour!  :cool

Not a particularly great highlight reel, but I'm bound by duty to include it here.


On-bike footage:
(Kinda weak, too, tbh.)

On a technical note:
I'm not sure why those don't embed. They seem to become active links instead
. :slow
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