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Re: [2.HC] Tour of Utah
« on: August 13, 2019, 00:58 »
New kit smileys just in time for the Top 10.  :P

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As stated in the chat:
The Tour Tracker was a mess for me. Very spotty video, occasional audio, often wouldn't load at all.  :S

Not sure if something needs to be reconfigured on my end, but I've never had any problems with The Tracker before.

I'm watching the 2-hour evening re-broadcast right now that Fox Sports is offering every night a couple hours after the race finish. The late afternoon live-time is actually not that convenient for me, so if Tracker problems persist it will likely be these evening shows that I'll have to wait for. (Although Frankie Andreu always bores me to tears.)

I had higher hopes for (Arapahoe/Hincapie) Ben Wolfe (43rd @:40), but I hadn't realized the degree of difficulty as the road went up as much as it did early in the course. (Is there no smiley for George's team?)

Three in the Top Ten for Floyd's Boys, though!  :cool
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