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Re: [2.HC] Tour of Utah
« on: August 14, 2019, 03:55 »
Mostly boring Stage 1, with an early break that broke, and then another break that broke the peloton and provided a surprise ending.

 #neri Played it perfectly in the final few kms, and took stage honors as a result.

Sebastian Schönberger launched an aggressive attack to the line which forced his breakaway companions to react, or watch him win. As his effort was shut down, teammate Umberto Marengo took full advantage and rocketed past #ef Lawson Craddock,  #academy Edwin Alcibiades Avila Vanegas, #303 Griffin Easter and  #axeon João Almeida  to take what was a surprisingly emotional win for both himself and his team #neri.

Maybe it's just the Italian flare on display, but you'd think they'd just won the Queen stage of the Giro by their reaction. The Tour Tracker commentators claimed it was 27-year-old Marengo's first professional win (which might explain the dramatic display) but PCS has him also listed as having won the 2017»8th Challenge du Prince - Trophée de l'Anniversaire (whatever that might be).

But his teammates and staff appeared equally invested in this Utah victory. It was nice to see how much it meant to them, even if it left me a bit bewildered.

#worthy turned out to be not so much on this stage, as they allowed the late break to steal the day. With Travis McCabe leading in the peloton behind, they must be left wondering what could have been.

In other news...
As  #elevate James Piccoli made a valiant effort to overcome a late mechanical and make his way back to the bunch, it turns out that he spent a bit too much time behind team vehicles in defense of his  #yellow. Lawson Craddock (another 27-years-old on the podium) nabbed himself his first leader's jersey by coming in second on the stage, and although Piccoli was originally listed as being in 2nd place, and six seconds back on GC, the judges have since relegated him to 13th after slapping a twenty second time penalty on him for his 4-wheeled drafting.

Piccoli is likely to make up for it on Stage 2, however, as gaps will be more significant on Powder Mountain.


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