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Re: [2.HC] Tour of Utah
« Reply #30 on: August 17, 2019, 04:38 »
If you prefer a more detailed account of Stage 4, I would recommend perusing what was very active Live Chat from last night.

It was pretty much straight-up racing right from the start. No neutral zone, just go, go, go.

Travis McCabe #worthy was active in the intermediate sprints, earning valuable points along the way.

Various breaks came and went. But once the final lap had been agreed upon by all, it seemed that McCabe would finally have his day in the (setting) Utah sun. Teammate Serghei Tevetcov well earned his pay, applying pressure, keeping the pace high, and staying active in the breaks at several points in the race.

When it came down the final upward sprint to the line, Travis had good position and the finish in sight. But from a few positions back, and with a powerful and sustained effort, #nippo Marco Canola, still bandaged and bruised from his crash on Stage 1, stole the show in emphatic fashion. His team had worked hard all race, and now we know why.

1. Marco Canola #nippo
2. Travis McCabe #worthy
3. Brendan Rhim #arapahoe


In spite of missing out at the line (again), Travis earned enough points throughout the day to take over the Sprinter's jersey.  :)

GC remained unchanged.
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