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Re: [2.HC] Tour of Utah
« Reply #30 on: August 18, 2019, 01:34 »
Not too much to report on.

Yesterday's hero, Hayden McCormick (Team BridgeLane) scored a hat trick by collecting all the top KOM points today. He was motivated after yesterday's unintentional media attention, and showed good legs throughout.

Travis McCabe #worthy kept the Sprint Jersey, and Ben Hermans #academy easily defended Yellow, putting more time into his GC rivals in the final uphill push to the line.

João Almeida #axeon held onto his Best Young Rider jersey, and Lachlan Morton #ef was awarded Most Aggressive.

Speaking of Hayden McCormick...

He and Lachlan Morton #ef struck out on the slopes of the final climb with about 7.5 km remaining, slowly reeling in the solo attack by McCormick's teammate Dylan Sunderland. After catching and dropping Sunderland, the duo worked well together, intent on keeping the rest of the chasers from spoiling their own podium ambitions. They then maintained their aggressive pace on the dirt road to the summit.

Some technical descending followed, with a near miss on one turn.
(They almost went the wrong way!  :o)

As the road turned up again towards the finish, Morton jumped from inside around a late bend from about 400 meters out. He powered up from long range, and juuuuuust beat a hard chasing McCormick to the line.

It would've been sweet vindication for the man from Team BridgeLane, but Morton was just too strong and timed his final attack well.

4.2km at 6.3% sounds easy enough, but it's tougher than it looks.
Indeed. It was.

Like I said, it was close. Very, very close.  *au vs  *nz


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