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Re: [2.HC] Tour of Utah
« Reply #30 on: August 19, 2019, 15:25 »
Riders hate dumb stages too. [Quote may have been embellished.]  :shh

Truer words were never spoken:
"Bike racing has a script," said EF Education First's Joe Dombrowski, winner of the final stage in Park City and third overall. "The breakaway goes away. Someone chases the breakaway. And if it's a stage where someone is pretty confident they can win, then they're going to bring the breakaway back, and they're going to race for the win.

"There's this whole period in between where we're just kind of riding around," Dombrowski said. "The longer the stage, the longer the amount of time we're just sort of riding around. It's not really interesting. In the Tour de France, that's when they start showing helicopter shots of castles and whatever else.

"So I think that having shorter stages is a good move, and I think we're seeing see other races doing that, too," he continued. "From my perspective, in this race there wasn't much time when we were sort of just noodling. At races when we are, I think it's kind of boring. I don't think it's particularly exciting for the people watching and, in the end, I don't think it really changes the result."
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