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Re: 2019 Vuelta CQ game
« on: August 20, 2019, 10:07 »
Apologies to those who have been looking at the dropbox spreadsheet: I had posted the scores 01/01/19 to 11/08/19, instead of 11/08/18 to 11/08/19. (I had copied from the Emerging Riders Game rather than going back to the original). I thought the prices were a bit low. My draft has been wiped out to start again, sorry if you are in the same situation.

However, even with that correction, these scores are a guide to rough price, pending the update for the year to 18/08 which I keep checking CQ for. In the meantime, prices are available at CQ or on Search's excellent table above.

At least we know this morning which DQT riders we should be considering: only Ineos still to confirm.
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