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Re: 2019 Vuelta CQ game
« on: August 23, 2019, 01:48 »
CQ did finally post the update, and although they have dated it as the year to 18th August, they have deleted for KOCH and BERNAS the points from races that took place on 21 Aug 2018.  Those points therefore should be in the year to 18th August, and I will stick with the prices as posted above by Search, and that have been in the Dropbox team selector tool throughout.

However, in the case of GEBREIGZABHIER, although Search is quite right in saying that on 18th August the site reported his score as 189, the update this evening reports 204, and all the results would conform that.  189 would make sense on the basis of the score given in the 11 August update: my guess is that the good folks at CQ only picked up on his Eritrean national time trial championship win in April in the last week: that would account for the other 15 points.

GEBREIGZABHIER is on one team, but that manager had more than 15 points to spare in his budget, so the teams as they exist at the moment are not affected by this price rise.  His price will therefore be 204, and I have amended Search's list and the selection tool at Dropbox accordingly.
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