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Re: 2019 Vuelta CQ game
« on: August 24, 2019, 11:08 »
OK, so two teams that I have downloaded this morning have included Gebregzabhier at his "old" price (before CQ discovered the results of the Eritrean national TT results from June) and are therefore a few points over budget.

So do I:
A) apply the new prices, and replace their cheapest selection with a rider a few points cheaper ("The change in his price was announced in the thread, and the price lists changed, more than 24 hours before they submitted their teams"); or
B) allow them to run a few points over ("It was an inadvertent mistake, based on treating the information source they were given in good faith")

I know which way I am inclined to vote, but I get these sudden notions of democracy from time to time.

Two hours to decide the fate of your opponents!
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