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Re: [2.HC] Tour of Britain
« on: September 06, 2019, 21:00 »

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Van Der Poel

However I'll put in a caveat in that he hasn't raced a proper TT since 2014. He's done prologues (and generally done pretty well), but nothing over a longer distance.

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Trentin and Teunissen

Chances for bonifications and both can put in a good TT when they have to.


Cummings, Politt, Gallopin, Benoot, Jansen and Kamp

I was maybe a bit harsh earlier in the thread about Dimension Data having low expectations. Cummings was active in ARoN and can produce a great TT on occasion. The others listed are either slightly out of form or have a shortfall in TT-ing. They still could feature depending on how the stages pan out.

When I first had a look at the race route I thought the winner would likely be who ever is the best TTer in what I imagine would be a reduced group on the stage that finished in Kendal.

Then I remembered Van der Poel was in the race.
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