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Re: Uno-X Development Weekend
« on: September 06, 2019, 17:59 »
Well, that was fun! :D

I talked for 3.5 hours on end

Yes, and I heard most of it.  :)

So it was much more than the "last two hours" as advertised. Beautiful looking roads for that course.

I was also quite impressed with the overall quality of the broadcast. Mostly glitch-free (only a few very minor freeze-ups), good multiple camera angles, and nice work by the moto-cameras. I'm surprised by what must be a healthy broadcast budget for a such a niche race.

The next couple of stages are quite early, even by my super early morning wake-up schedule. But I expect to be tuned in now that I can count on good coverage.

How is atmosphere around this event? Is the public paying much attention? Is there much going around besides the race itself?
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