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Re: Uno-X Development Weekend
« on: September 07, 2019, 06:02 »
I was also quite impressed with the overall quality of the broadcast. Mostly glitch-free (only a few very minor freeze-ups), good multiple camera angles, and nice work by the moto-cameras. I'm surprised by what must be a healthy broadcast budget for a such a niche race.
Yes, the quality of it all is excellent here. The broadcast was very well-produced, I 'only' had to sit and talk. And everything else around the race is well-organised as well. For a .2 race, or even for an HC race, really. WorldTour level.
It helps when the CEO of Uno-X doubles as the race director and is someone who takes care and wants to do things not just okay, but very well. To name one example he told me, #unox have three mechanics here in Lillehammer to service the riders' bikes etc. where most Conti teams would have only one who'd have to do it all alone. That way, nobody gets overworked, and it is a job you do happily.
Yesterday, everybody around the race, from the technical director to the volunteers building the finish line, looked relaxed. Not because they had nothing to do, on the contrary, but because they knew that things were taken good care of.

How is atmosphere around this event? Is the public paying much attention? Is there much going around besides the race itself?
The TT was held on a small sideroad a bit away from Lillehammer by design - to minimise the impact on people who want to go to and fro and provide a fair setting for a test against the clock. Because of that, there were very few spectators at the race yesterday, but that was always expected.
Today we go through Lillehammer itself, and it's a Saturday, so I hope there will be some crowds. :)
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