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Re: Uno-X Development Weekend
« on: September 10, 2019, 21:21 »
Lukas, did you have a chance to check the gear they used for the Gylne Gutuer? My eyeballing isn't very precise but I thought I saw quite a few quite narrow tyres, maximum 28 mm but more likely 25 mm tire width on deep section aero rims at one point when I was studying the riders in the breakaway.

In that case they don't prepare very much for the gravel conditions. I have 32mm wheels on one of my bikes now, and they are fast, even on "better" road surfaces. I am in worse shape than ever but down the hills I accelrate quicker and reach higher speeds for nothing, and that's the wheels,I am quite sure.[1]
As they are fast on asphalt, and more stable in the softer stuff (and the grip in tight turns!), wider has to be  the type of tires for flattish races with lots of gravel sections.

 1. The alternative theory is that a closer approximation to a bullet shape rider results in reduced aero drag.   :o
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