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Re: Tour of Guangxi
« on: October 14, 2019, 11:07 »
there's potentially some excitement added by the fact that it's the final (apart from the Japan Cup, where no one of interst - in that regard - is going to participate) race counting for the Olympic qualification. The Top 6 in the World Rankings by Nation get 5 spots for Tokyo, those from 7 to 13 only 4:

6.      *es SPAIN      9687.62
7.      *si SLOVENIA      9421.4
8.      *de GERMANY      9205.33

Slovenia's season is over, so they're out of it, but Germany is sending quite a big delegation to China. Ackermann is probably the favorite for all sprints (40pt each), Degenkolb may score some points as well, and if Schachmann wins the overall (it's a big "if", to be fair, he didn't look splendid recently), they could come back in play.

Spain still has Mas around to fend back though, so it's probably not going to happen. #teamde would basically need to win all stages + the overall with Mas finishing 10th or worse in GC
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