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Re: 2020 VR Collective CQ Team
« on: November 13, 2019, 17:02 »
My thoughts.

Categories I Wouldn't Miss

Drugs Cheat - As noted above

The two ITT-ers

Sponsors Pick

Family Connection - Bit restrictive

One Trick Pony - I found it difficult last year to think of anyone that's not annoyingly bad

Categories We Could Tweak

If we need room for funner picks we could just get rid of the young variants in the first 8 categories.

Colombian Climber ---------> South American Climber

CX-er and Trackie could be combined ----------> Does Other Stuff On A Bike

New Categories

The Rest Of The Budget Rider - As noted above

Straight Out Of Juniors - This seems to be a thing now (note they wouldn't have to be pro necessarily, just in their first year out of juniors). Bonus points for not going with the obvious selections.

The Facial Fungus One - Are there enough riders with taches, beards, mono-brows or big sideburns to warrant a category?

The Xmas Present - Pick a rider as a gift for another selector that you think they'll like. Not sure about this either. Maybe the gift comes with a receipt in case they don't like it!

Surname beginning with [?] - I suggested this last year. It could be fun. The selector gets given a random letter though obviously some letters would be ignored
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