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Re: 2020 VR Collective CQ Team
« on: November 13, 2019, 19:38 »
I would drop the "Pretty Boy" category: I have no idea what most riders look like (which also weighs against Leadbelly's Facial Fungus proposal), and really wouldn't consider myself a judge of the appearance of men much younger and fitter than me.

I'd also drop "Sleeping with the Enemy", because if I were given that category I would have no idea who is or is not permitted, and "Glue Factory", because the idea of CQ picks is to get riders who will improve rather than the decrepit (but my Thirtysomething suggestion might be about the same).

I like the "Sleeping with the Enemy" one. If you can't remember, it's a rider from a team you don't like. So Trudgin for example ended up having to pick Kenny Elissonde last year, maybe if T-72 enters this year he would have to pick someone from Arkea ho ho ho.

The visual categories I guess you could do research on PCS for that. A lot of the other categories will have you looking up various sources anyway, but I guess we could stick with just one visual category if yours is the only feedback we get on it.


Wrapped in the Flag (Must have won 2019 national title)

Mr Loyalty  (Been on current team for at least 3 years)

The Underacheiver (has not lived up to early hype so far)

The Bottle Carrier  (has been largely a domestique with few leadership opportunities)

The Thirty-something  (born in the 80's)

"Wrapped in the Flag" is a good one. Lots of options there, even more if we make it to include RR and TT.

"The Bottle Carrier" covers much the same ground as "The Domestique" I think. Could just change the name of the category for a bit of variety.

As you say there is quite a bit of overlap between "The 30-Something" and "Glue Factory". What about something in a similar vein like "The Oldest Guy in the Team"? It limits you to one rider per real team, but there are ~40 pro teams and you could even end with a 22 year old if you dropped down to a CT devo team. Does that sound like it has a bit more potential for profit?
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