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Re: 2020 VR Collective CQ Team
« on: November 14, 2019, 20:39 »
i'm in as a participant again,

Of the new categories proposed the one that I like are

Wrapped in the flag (for both RR and TT)
Mr Loyalty
The 30 something
Straight out of juniors
Rest of the budget

In terms of current categories I would keep the CXer and Trackie as separate categories as I would think there are enough of both to allow a decent pick in each category.

On the subject of the rest of the budget category that I suggested last year I don't think it should be an actual pick by one of us it should just be an automatic selection of the highest value rider that fits within the budget. If there is more than one rider on the same points though it should go to a vote of those taking part in the game.
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