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Re: 2020 Youth CQ Ranking Game
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I forgot to post my team btw. And tbh, I've also forgotten why I've chosen most of those lads :P

CHAMPOUSSIN Clément (170pt, 15)
HERMANS Quinten (162pt, 6)
ZIMMERMANN Georg (120pt, 2)
RAVANELLI Simone (116pt, 3)
RAJOVIC Dusan (99pt, 3)
BASSETT Stephen (82pt, 1)
HAILU Biniam Girmay (55pt, 7)
ARDILA ORDOÑEZ Andres Camilo (44pt, 35)
KRIEGER Alexander (42pt, 5)
HÄNNINEN Jaakko (41pt, 10)
TOUPALIK Adam (34pt, 3)
VERMEERSCH Florian (16pt, 6)
PLOWRIGHT Jensen (11pt, 1)
MACIEJUK Filip (6pt, 3)
SIMMONS Quinn (0pt, 41)

About Plowright: I read an interview with Drapac about the closure of his team, and he mentioned something along the lines that he'd be super curious to follow the development of the new Australian sprint sensation Jensen Plowright, who was with him last year.

Seems like he's not too bad indeed, and at Bridgelane there should be plenty of opportunities to come over in Asia later on in the season.

Problem is, that he needs to be a better pick than Dainese though :dizzy
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