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Re: [2.Pro] Vuelta a San Juan
« Reply #30 on: January 28, 2020, 04:27 »

Until 10 seconds ago, I had always thought this race was in Puerto Rico.
I'm totally serious.  :D

Obviously, I've never looked into it, followed a single link, watched even the briefest of clips, or read one race report. But for as long as I've ever heard of it (which is probably been quite a few years) I had just always assumed it that it took place on that tiny island in the Caribbean.

I've no idea why this race always had such a blind spot for me, particularly because having a race in Puerto Rico had always piqued my interest a bit, as I wasn't sure just how such an event would've ever come to be, or how it ever could've sustained itself. Well now, finally, I think I've got an answer to those pressing questions!

In my defense, there's quite a significant Puerto Rican population around central Connecticut, and so it's often in the news, and even more so recently with the Hurricanes and other disasters. I've worked with Puerto Ricans, played in bands with Puerto Ricans, have close friends who are Puerto Rican, and know plenty of people who vacation in Puerto Rico. So when I hear "San Juan," I instantly associate that with Puerto Rico, and nowhere else.

But from the updates I've come across this evening, this race seems totally bonkers—no matter where it takes place!

I'll try to be more informed moving forward.  :angel

I may even try to watch a bit of it if I can.  :D

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