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Re: Santos Tour Down Under
« on: January 22, 2020, 13:41 »
Caleb came out of seemingly nowhere in that sprint. Even in the overheard replay, he entered the frame so late I couldn't even see where he started his afterburners. Crazy.

If putting up with Liggett and Jens is the price I have to pay to get McEwen, then it's one I'm willing to pay...for the moment. Robbie is so good, especially for a sprint stage. I'm still baffled by the slo-mo breakdown he did for the immediate recap. I've no idea how he can spot so many riders, so accurately, from the overhead shot.

I suppose much of it is knowing who was near the front for the final few K, especially after the chaos of the crash. Then just spotting team kits and making educated deductions as to who's representing in the final few hundred meters? There was a lot of head swiveling in the peloton after the crash which created a lot of visual uncertainty. But Robbie's recap was like that of something done well after the fact, with all the details sorted out, and not something done in the same breath as the finish itself.

I dunno. Maybe I'm making too big a deal out of it, and it's not so much to expect from a seasoned pro. Impressive nonetheless.

I have to admit, though, with snow on the ground here, and temps well below freezing, it's slightly comforting in the late evening hours to watch cycling in the sun. It still feels weird in January, and I prefer a bit longer of a visual off-season, if for no other reason than to build more anticipation before the Spring Classics, but a couple of hours of easy entertainment isn't a bad thing.

Come join us in the chat, you slackers!  :lol
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