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Re: Santos Tour Down Under
« on: January 24, 2020, 13:08 »
Long, flat and straight (in spite of the stage profile) is no way to go through life.  :zzz2

Wheels touched here and there; some pavement was met; the supposed cross-winds never really developed enough to create echelons. Happy to relegate this one to history.

Caleb, however, put on another clinic.  :cool
The recaps I've seen so far don't properly show the full sprint development. Ewan was at least eight back heading into that final turn, but continued to position himself masterfully behind, and around, one rider after another. Not only did his display his signature turbo-burst, but his race IQ is exceptional as well.

A few kilometers out it appeared that he had been bumped off the road onto the gravel shoulder. It was never made clear if that was a teammate of his or not, but if he did recover from that, then all the more impressive.

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