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Ahem... (a polar bear stumbles out of his den) is it cycling season yet?  :S
4 more weeks  :angry get it on!

A week back or so, I commented on the new uno-x jerseys in an online discussion with (amongst others) Lukas. The jersey looks like this #unox (spot the difference?) and I am not joking, there is one small but big difference.
On the front there is a listing of a few sponsors, and one of the recent additions is a big name: Reitan Trading. It is known that this is the mother company of Uno-x (in one way or another, not sure about details concerning ownership). This is important because the least impressive thing about Uno-x is their business future - the glory days of their old business model, retail of diesel and gasoline, and just that, is already in the past in Norway.  Only 1 in 5 cars sold in central areas of Norway need gasoline or diesel, the rest are electric powered.

Reitan Trading, as a mothership, has several other businesses - including one major groceries chain - which can be alternative brands for the cycling team to promote. Their name on the shirt indicates a longer term intention to maintain the cycling team, which as of today is considered to be more or less self-financing as a part of Uno-x, with most value added through participation in the home countries' UCI races (Norway/Denmark).
Reitan Trading's brands can probably sell *anything* using the cycling team as an advertising board, and another of their brands may thus be the plan b if problems with the energy transition should arise. I wouldn't find that a big surprise, as driving along Norway's main artery (the E6 road is the spine of the road network in the country) several companies now provide "new gas" stations (in other words - charging stations) and the uno-x stations look a bit deserted.
It doesn't make sense selling "just cheap power" mirroring the "just cheap fuel" slogan of Uno-x, because charging takes longer time than refuelding diesel and thus comes with ample opportunitites to sell stuff like coffee, buns, newspapers, sausages and ice cream to everyone in the car as value adding services.  Exactly the opposite of the "Uno-x way" to sell fuel: just cheap fuel (at unmanned stations).  The company needs to do something else in the foreseeable future, as that way of doing business will definetly fade away, slow at first and then fast. I think the "fast stage" isn't far away, not in Norway at least.

Hopefully the cycling team can still be on the road after the next chapter in the energy transition saga.
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