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Re: 2020 downhill technique
« on: February 27, 2020, 13:48 »
Apologies for the picture not loading as it should. I need to look for a new way to share pictures, as imgur seems to have changed the way their site works. :( I made the top post rather quick and dirty from my cell phone while watching the race recorded last night.

Back on topic: he wasn´t just riding on the frame, he kept modifying his hand positioning a lot of the time. The idea seemed to be to position the elbows in front of the body, rather than on the sides. There may be a reduction in surface area exposed to the wind. Howevever, compared to TT bars arm position, it is extremely compressed along the bike. Not only are the arms positioned further back, his ass is also positioned in front of the seat, further forward. The compressed position makes a space problem solved by the splayed arms in front of the torso here.  This is yoga on the bike.

The road surface was excellent and the road was very wide, so boredom, playfulness and low risk could play a part. However the reason for me to post was, this appeared to work, he kept surging ahead of the peloton on modest slopes.

I will try to re-up the picture tonight
Yeah, this is a version of the skier's super tuck. Elbows inside the profile to reduce air catch and drag, and body low and compact - same thing. Faster, yeah. It reduces your ability to respond to input stimulus, though, which is the caution. I wouldn't call his elbows in this photo "splayed", as they are compressed towards the centerline of his body. Compare that to the rider immediately behind him - who has HIS arms parallel to the body's centerline. Still very compact, but not AS compact. In a wind tunnel, the guy in front should see lower drag coefficient.

Great catch!
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