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Re: 2020 downhill technique
« on: March 02, 2020, 14:53 »
I can't see the advantage of being so light on the downhill?  :P

(Alpine downhill skiers like not-so-towering Beat Feuz (172 cms) often weigh in at >100kg)
HUH? Light??? 80 kgs = 170+ lbs! Not so many riders in the peloton race at that weight! Take Sagan - he's no lightweight - he weighs in at 73 kgs.

A downhill skier who weighs 100 kgs?!?!?!?!??? Hooo-aaa. That is in American FOOTBALL player weight range! That is a BIG dude (or dudette, as the case may be, but I doubt you will find a female athlete in anything except power lifting at that weight. Sarah Robles, American Olympic heavyweight women's medalist, is at 123 kgs. And I would not want to have a bar fight against her.

Wait - are you trolling me?  LOL Have a great day!
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