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The 2021 Auto-Wildcard Race
« on: March 05, 2020, 12:01 »
It's the same deal as last year, but this time round we know in advance how it should work.

As long as no WT team disappears at the end of the season then there is only one golden ticket to all WT events and one silver ticket for all 1-day WT races.

Handily the UCI no longer do the rolling points score, but have the actual year's tally. It makes it a lot easier.

PCT Ranking as of the start of this week:

 #arkea 1319
 #cwg 639
 #nippo 568
 #androni 534
 #total 467
 #vlaanderen 454
 #vinizabu 369
 #fundacion 337
 #bbhotels 292
 #cajarural 268
 #alpecin 215

With Cofidis and I-SUN both moving up last year, my thoughts beforehand were that it was going to be a three or four horse race, but who knows. Total and Alpecin especially are off to bad starts while others are doing a lot better than expected.

There is also the three-year ranking to determine the WT teams from 2023 onwards, but there's not much point looking too closely at this yet. However if ended today, both Jumbo and I-SUN would lose their spots.
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