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Re: Coronavirus COVID-19 P/B Wuhan, China
« Reply #720 on: December 16, 2020, 15:32 »
The Netherlands, Germany and England all imposing strict lockdowns through the holiday season?

To what extent? And who else is joining the party?

over here in Germany it's called "strict", but it basically only means that non-essential stores are closing, and that going to school is not compulsory anymore (restaurants, bars and all cultural activities already were closed before). So it's still more relaxed than in other countries.

The number of people you're allowed to meet it restricted (up to 5 people from 2 households), but over christmas each household can invite 4 relatives + children, so for most it won't make much of a difference. I'd be surprised if it leads to a significant drop of infection numbers, but for christmas most people would ignore stricter rules anyway I guess, so some compromise needed to be found.

Many experts are pointing at Ireland as a positive example, and how they brought down the numbers, but over there even factories and stuff were closed, so it's difficult to compare. Personally I believe that a "the stricter, the shorter" approach can work, but not right now.
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