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Re: Coronavirus COVID-19 P/B Wuhan, China
« Reply #720 on: December 20, 2020, 13:57 »
So a new strain of the virus has emerged, which is reportedly 70% more transmissible than previous variants, although it is said to be no more lethal or dangerous than the original coronavirus responsible for the pandemic.

As a result, it would appear that Boris Johnson is, essentially, canceling Christmas this year.

Southern England appears to be the hot spot for this, making the U.K.'s European brethren none too happy.

Belgians, Dutch, Austrians halt UK flights, fearing variant

However, this is all terribly confusing to me, as I've been told, for months now, that any spread of the virus is Trump's fault. The mainstream media has assured me of this, repeatedly. Renowned epidemiologist Joe Biden even assured me of this with a specific number of deaths attributable to The Bad Orange man. So how could the virus, in any form, possibly still be spreading in parts of the world not under the direct control of POTUS? Inquiring minds want to know.

Inquiring minds also want to know when local and regional politicians are going to be placed in stockades, on the town green, for days on end to suffer as much public humiliation and ridicule as possible for their mishandling of the pandemic and their abuse power. But I digress...
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