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Things are going well in terms of riding, training and progress - I am regularly improving times on both small segments and longer parts of  my rides. (Benefit of moving to a new city, I am no longer pestered by statistics of my 2013 peak form up Bergen's "Salmon hill"!)

Weather has been fine most of the time, except for the surprising element of strong winds. Surprising because the Oslo region isn't supposed to be windy, but this spring I have repeatedly felt like a hero going out just to end up as zero going back, when I realize the wind that used to be on my tail will no longer support my progress.

Yesterday, I went for a out-and-back ride (ended up at 55 km) and just for fun I checked average speeds over a wind exposed flat section in the middle - some 4 kilometers across open fields, alittle bit up and down but not a test of the climbing ability:
going out  34 km/h
coming back: 21 km/h. 
At one point (strong gust up a small speed-bump hill, I came to a total stand-still in the headwind!)

On the plus side I do get better at keeping the balance on my bike in gusty times it feels a bit scary, but so far I keep both tires in contact with the ground.
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