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Re: How to fuel your rides
« on: April 03, 2020, 11:59 »
:o Doesn't that make you desperately thirsty????

That would dry my mouth out like a sponge.  :D

No, but then American "bread" is something different from the north European bread. And it is just a few thin slices of some kind of salt sausage. Especially in warm conditions I think a little extra salt is a good idea. It is replacing what leaves through sweating etc. - helps to keep the cramps away.

Anyway, the main message is that I eat food not so dramatically different from what I eat when not cycling. It does the job at least for training rides, and my digestive system handles it well. Following the same philosophy would be not to eat what I eat, but pick carbohydrate rich items from your normal diet that can be brought along for a ride. There's much more risk for stomach trouble if you eat something special for a bike ride.
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