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Re: How to fuel your rides
« on: April 05, 2020, 17:57 »
1st I like a really good book, it just smashes you. Might be a memory from a life time ago, but...

Less than 10c warm sweet tea

Warmer than 10c water

Always take 1 bottle unless planning longer rides ie more than an hour.

I always have a bar with me, I once threw out the bar as it had passed its used by date, by 6 months.

Longer riders I tend to have banana and bars with me, plus my credit card.

Less than an hour I might have half a water bottle and that is it.

The reason to have more is I once came off and had nothing with me, I really needed to wash the wounds and food would have been nice.

Plan for the worst hope for the best.

Flo there is no real rule you need to find your own. But some days will be sh*t always good to have a bar with you for the ride home
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