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2020 National Championships
« on: June 28, 2020, 22:49 »
OK, the Slovenians have a head start on our reporting...

The road race was of course noticed already earlier

Today they had the ITT and it was a pure mountain time trial, so not a race for their "third force", #bahrain Jan Tratnik

this was to be another test of #jumbo Roglic vs #uae Pogacar, and lets pause it for a while...

The race profile was steep at the beginning, then flatter towards the finish line, but it doesn't seem like it goes completely flat. However, flat enough for bike changes to be involved. Something like the World Championship 2017 with the flat and steep segments stacked in the opposite order, and twice the vertical.

Roglic was almost the world champion at that  (he won silver) already 3 years ago, and he appears to be in good shape this year (given his road race victory...). Pogi beating Roglic shows that he is now a world class rider on such terrain, and he might actually have a good shot at the podium for the Tour de France (including victory), if he is allowed to captain the arabian squad and borrow Bystrøm on a windy day.

see also:
Roglic's outlook for the season looks worse than for Pogi. Roglic will have to figth for his right to party:  #jumbo for the TdF looks to have the structure of Movistar: the more GC captains, the better.
 Like assembling a football squad without the defense and the midfielders, even if all the attackers are very good individually: with several podium candidates and at least two possible winners, it is this year's best set up for a soap opera, not a winning team.
I think that in the end, nationality of the sponsors and the team will take precedence,  and in practice,  he'll be supporting Dumoulin or Cruiseship. However, even #movistar managed to gather their forces and ride for one captain in the Vuelta when Quintana won it. Maybe "samen winnen" will work just one more time, and Dumoulin may not again be the rider he was in 2017 - then maybe Roglic will be their captain.

Meanwhile, I guess #bahrain Tratnik will go to the worlds - and he might actually make the podium, with so many of the other great time trial racers in France.

and watch out for yet another lame champions jersey courtesy of #uae.

However, this season looks like it will be Pogi vs Bernal for the white -  and they may accidentally take home a yellow one in the process.

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