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Re: Mens' Transfers and Rumours 2021-22
« Reply #150 on: November 09, 2021, 14:42 »
Modolo returns to Bardiani

#alpecin Sacha Modolo --> #bardiani Bardini CSF Faizane

hopefully it'll work out a bit better for him than for Battaglin. Beppe Conti said #vinizabu Marezcko would be likely to get on board as well, but I guess that would make even less sense now.

Also #elkov Elkov has announced the first three riders to join the team:

Babor did a pretty good sprint in the Tour of Romania this year. Maybe he can turn into a good replacement for Alois. But with only (if I understand this correctly) one more signing to be announced, the team will probably be quite a bit weaker

edit: There's also an article about it on According to that, Petr Kelemen has left the team as well (to join Swiss Racing Academy), and there'll be only one more new rider indeed.
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