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Re: Mens' Transfers and Rumours 2021-22
« Reply #150 on: November 24, 2021, 08:38 »
there's a longer statement from him on his Instagram

"Couldn’t find a great picture for this so I just chose one that captures how excited I am for my next chapter in life. I very recently just signed with a Spanish development team. They work directly under the Drone Hopper Pro conti team and I have made the decision to ride for them next year. It will be a great opportunity to make the next jump and my ultimate goal, the World Tour. I will be living in Valencia all year next year. Thank you @gsport_cyclingteam for taking me in and giving me the chance to show myself over in Spain where some of the biggest talent comes from. I have been working hard to move up this fall and I finally got the opportunity. It’s time to show them what American muscle can do💪🏼Thanks to all who have been with me and supported me along my career. It is now just beginning "

Someone on Twitter said that there is no connection at all between the two teams, though, and that even in the Spanish amateur scene it's not exactly one of the good ones.

But well, he seems to be excited. Let's hope it works out, and doesn't turn out to be a big misunderstanding. Personally I'd think it'll be difficult
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