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Re: Imola 2020 World Road Cycling Championships
« Reply #30 on: September 27, 2020, 01:55 »
To the extent that it's even possible, I'll be trying to keep an eye on  *si Jani Brajkovič #teamsi in the Men's Road Race.

The only reason I say that is that he's been quite vocal over the past couple years in regards to the difficulty he's faced in terms of landing a contract with a team that he feels he's worthy of. He's had a chip on his shoulder about it, and I imagine that he sees the WC RR as a platform to earn some notoriety—especially with the obvious attention being paid to his national team due to the participation of Pogo and Rogo.

That being said, he can also be quite whiny, so I very much expect to see him withdrawing early from the race with at least a few complaints to blame it on. But he might try to animate things prior to that. We will see...


FWIW, when a general Google search using only his name offered nothing even remotely related to the man I was looking for.
Two more specific Google searches provided the following:
Your search - Jani Braković cyclist - did not match any image results.

Your search - Jani Braković cyclist - did not match any news results.


Then there was this recently:

Jani Brajkovic has said the Slovenian National Championships had no safety measures to protect people against coronavirus.

“It’s nice to have cycling event again in Slovenia,” Brajkovic wrote on Twitter following the time trial event. “But it would also be appropriate to take at least some safety measures…there were none.”

Brajkovic, who now races for Continental team Adria Mobil, came fourth in both the men’s elite road race and time trial.

Brajkovic followed up his claims about the safety measures with a mysterious outburst an hour later, tweeting: “To whom it may concern: you can go f**k yourself in your empty brains.” The 36-year-old is yet to elaborate on this comment.

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