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Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #30 on: February 16, 2021, 03:35 »
Update #3: Hugo Boss

We have been building up in our limited French calendar so far, going from a 1.1 the first week of the game to a 2.1 and nationals the second week, to a 2.PS and 1.PS this week. And indeed, with Provence and Almeria taking place this week, we see our biggest points week in the game so far!

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Jon_Ezeitza   586
2   Hugo Koblet   561
3   Crevaison   559
4   Northerner   547
5   karaev   536

Having the podium of the stage race of the week is a fine basis for winning the week; indeed, Jon Ezeitza takes it with Sosa (183 points, 42 teams), Alaphilippe (120, 27), and Bernal (107, pretty much everyone) forming a good start. Add in 62 from Mollema and 50 from Vansevenant (at a cost of 15!) and you've got a winner! A few minor points from Almeria put it over the top. Hugo Koblet gets second this week, but won't be crying too much as he was already in first overall coming in. Crevaison gets third - both of the other podium finishers didn't have Mollema but did have 52 from Dupont in Almeria, and had a little bit less than Jon Ezeitza from the minor points.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   karaev   (+56)
2   ChrisDK   (+53)
3   bminchow   (+48)
4   Earns1985   (+46)
5   MuddyWaters   (+42)

Some huge leaps this week as the table isn't yet settled so there is room to move! karaev takes top spot this week, with ChrisDK and defending champ bminchow right behind. All 3 teams also have the Provence podium, without a key rider or two of the three top scorers from the previous list, but all the top scoring teams this week are very similar.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Hugo Koblet   106.67
2   Boris98   62.67
3   Jon_Ezeitza   62
4   LaFlorecita   55
5   Crevaison   51

Wow, three weeks in and you can barely get in the top 10 with the 45 points you'd get for a weekly win! There are a few teams that are faring quite well in the French races at the start of the season and scoring week upon week. Hugo's 35 points puts their team ahead with a huge lead, almost no one else is even within 45 points. Boris98 and Jon Ezeitza are buzzing around the top here too.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   
Hugo Koblet
2   (+1)   LaFlorecita   891
3   (+7)   Northerner   887
4   (+8)   Object   840
5   (-)   Hakkie2   817
6   (-)   rote_laterne   804
7   (+14)   Crevaison   778
8   (-)   manafana   767
9   (+34)   Jon_Ezeitza   740
10   (-8)   Boris98   707

Some long-time game participants near the top of the list here, and at the top of the list once again is Hugo Koblet, coming oh so close to cracking 1000 points. Second on the week extends his lead to over 100 points, while LaFlorecita moves up one spot and Northerner rounds out the podium. Some big leaps into the top 10 from Object, Crevaison, and especially Jon Ezeitza, while Gigs_98, Armchair Cyclist and postmanhat fall out.

Normally, this upcoming week would be a flurry of early season activity, continuing the ramp-up to Opening Weekend with Algarve, Andalucia, and the oft-overlooked snack of Haut Var in France, three days long and .1 level. But now, with the former two postponed, Haut Var gets its outsized time in the sun! Since the season has actually started, things seem to have stabilized a bit, in terms of covid numbers holding or declining, and no whispers of any new races being postponed or cancelled. So... fingers crossed, but after this week, we get our first WT action with the UAE Tour (with even some CQ points this week), and that will take us all the way to Belgium!

Spreadsheet at dropbox
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