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Re: 2021 Spring Classics CQ Game
« on: February 24, 2021, 23:20 »
I hope teams will come in a rush in the last 2 1/2 days: please remember that this game starts on a Saturday, not a Sunday.

Of the eight teams in so far, all have at least 2 unique picks, and 55 riders have been chosen.  Two of them are on 6 teams, and 2 on 4.

It occurred to me that I have never established a rule in this game for what happens if a team is over budget and not changed before the deadline.  I shall remove the cheapest riders that solve the problem, and make up the team with whoever is picked (on at least one other team in the race) that is allowable.   

So if a team has a total of 3050, and the cheapest rider costs 55 points, I will remove him, and replace him with the highest priced rider who cost 5 points or less (and if there are 2 at the same price, the first of them alphabetically).

If the team total is 3080, and the cheapest two cost 30 and 55 points, I will remove and replace them with a 5 point cost rider and a zero, or a 4 and a one if there is no 5, etc.

If the team cost is 3080, and the cheapest 2 cost 30 and 85, I will leave the 30 point rider in, and replace the 85 with a 5 point man (subject to the above).

But it is very rare that this happens, and I am usually able to alert managers in time if there is a problem.   And if you use the selection tool download that I have now added to the OP, it shouldn't happen at all.
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