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Re: 2021 Spring Classics CQ Game
« on: February 28, 2021, 13:15 »
So finally we actually get to the races.  I'll start with the simpler of yesterday's events:

Race 1; Ardeche Classic

Jonathan Hivert came 9th, scoring 28 CQ points for the only manager who picked him, Ray 10.
He was the only rider in the first 30, the point scorers, selected for the game.

errrm, standings
Ray10   28
Everyone else   0

In the Green Jersey competition, there are just as many points available in a 1.Pro race like this as there are in the monuments.  Points are distributed as CQ points are for a stage in the Tour de France: 80 for the winner, then 50, 35, 25, 15 down to 1 for 10th: points for a shared position are shared.  A manager's position in each race is the total of all his scorers.

So here Ray would get 80 points for winning, and everyone else would get 6.95 ( a 1/21 share of the total points 2nd to 10th).  To keep the numbers a bit neater, I will take 6.95 off everybody, including Ray, who thereby has a 73.05 to 0 lead over the field.

You don't really need to see that on a table do you?
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