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«So, T, how´s the Vuelta going so far, I hear there´s only one Norwegian in the race this year»

Wait, sit down, let me open this bottle, it should be suitable for the occassion:


«Yep, that actually is a bottled 2019 Gorka Izaguirrue, I think the bloke up at the Vinmonopolet (Wine Monopoly) store almost nailed it. Vuelta time, and the velorooms forum is all dressed up in yellow and deep red colors.»


 :slow  «What´s the problem, T?»

«He only almost nailed it.»

«Is there something wrong with the bottle, the cork, or what?»

«No, it isn´t that

«What, then?»

«It is the color stupid, I should have brought a red one!»


#red Eiking
#red Eiking
#red Eiking
#red Eiking
#red Eiking


So, I actually was wrong about #cofidis Guillaume Martin. He attacked, as predicted, but he also had to carry #intermarche Menitjes with him. After a few minutes, the #jumbo Jumbo train of mountain-bees upped the pace and caught him. Eiking, in the peloton didn´t waste a single calorie chasing the attack.
At the end, an almost succesful attack by #movistar Miguel Angel was almost caught by #jumbo Roglic and a few others including #ineos #white Bernal at the line, but the gaps were really small and the stage almost did nothing to the GC situation as #red Eiking just managed to hang on at the tail end of the peloton, all of the time.
I was wrong about him, and I am really happy about that.  :cool
Unless he´s tricking everyone, he now looks so cooked I think next stage he is going to lose 14 minutes.
But 1-2-3-4-5 days in the #red ? I don´t believe that either. Not if we rewind to the start of this week and do it all over again.

However, there is a little doubt, he is definetly now riding more like a diesel engine and less like the punchy rider I remember him as. Maybe his endurance is better now, but he seems unable to change pace on the climbs?

Anyway, at least I was right about Romain #dsm  :cool. A worthy winner of an extremely chaotic day in the breakaway. 

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