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Re: Flanders 2021 World Road Cycling Championships
« on: September 16, 2021, 03:38 »

It's on FloBikes in the States malheureusement.
Here's my predicament: Flo Bikes will cost me $150.00, as they don't do monthly subs. But when I search their schedule of upcoming races, Paris-Roubaix is listed as "Not available in your region." So there's no way in hell I'm paying 150 bucks for the men's WC road race (which is all I really care about, if I'm honest). I already pay for other services that grant me access to Le Tour and La Vuelta (and other races as well).

Cycling is perhaps the only sport I know of that can't consolidate its entire season under one streaming umbrella. It's absurd. IIRC, I think I was able to watch last year's UCI Worlds on the "Olympic" channel, which is an offshoot of NBC sports, but I no longer have that channel in my new location. I don't think it would matter anyway, as they've reconfigured much of their sports streaming since then.

The brain trust at the UCI needs to be lobotomized and sent out to pasture.
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