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Re: Flanders 2021 World Road Cycling Championships
« on: September 16, 2021, 10:43 »
Cycling is perhaps the only sport I know of that can't consolidate its entire season under one streaming umbrella.

I beg your pardon? If you came to live in Europe for a few years you still wouldn't have roundded the umbrella shop for streaming umbrellas for any sport over here. Skiing, soccer etc - they are all spread all over the place, and if you think you have put together a package of 65 services to piece everything together, there is always the olympics and the world championships  and the Tour de Suisse and the Swiss world cup races that sell everything to another provider.

Another provider then hires a new but well known name from the sport with no previous TV experience, brings along their squad of soccer journalists and "yea, now we are going to be the new platform for cycling"). There's so much poor tv that comes out of these deals.....

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