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I am having a relatively rough time at work and on top of all that there´s a health crisis involving one of my family members so I can´t really give this race the attention it deserves. However, it seems like it is going to be a very open and very tactical race where the right body needs a head on top and some luck in order to win. I can´t see that there´s a very clear favorite, it is anything-can-happen. However, it is home roads, and Belgium of course have  strong team

** *be Thibau Nys
* *be *be *be *be *be *be any other Belgian guy (Florian Vermeersch?)
* *no/#unox Søren Wærenskjold

Your time has come to shine  :D

So, please copy/paste and fill in the missing favorites from my list.  Or delete them…  :P
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