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Re: 2022 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #30 on: May 06, 2022, 05:14 »
Hey everyone on VR! So Jumbo Visma Fan is doing the updates for this month, but doesn't have a VR account! I said I'd copy the updates, so here's this week's! I'm working out in the bush with limited internet so there may be a few days' delay, sorry about that.

Update #16- Dennis, Ayuso, and Bennett come in clutch for Nakazar as Evan Is The Best maintains the lead

Introducing me, Jumbo Visma Fan, as your update writer for the month of May. This week saw Vlasov win Romandie, Sosa and Yates shining in Asturias, and Sam Bennett returning to form in Frankfurt.

Week 16 Standings

1   Nakazar   863
2   comodoro   812
3   triley36   747
4   Manafana   744
5   search   742
Nakazar wins the week, taking advantage of 226 points from Rohan Dennis,180 from Sam Bennett, and 157 from Juan Ayuso in Romandie and Frankfurt. The latter two are popular picks, so those points from Dennis, picked only by 5 other owners, came in clutch for the weekly win. Elsewhere, comodoro scored his points through Vlasov, an unique pick contributing 381 points, with Ayuso and Ivan Sosa's GC and stage victory Asturias nets him 137 points to volt him into second place this week.

Green Jersey Overall

1   ray10   202
2   Evan is the Best   182
3   Nazakar   133
4   Lortnoc   123
5   comodoro   113

Still a massive lead for our two leaders, but Nazakar moves into third with his successful week along with comodoro moving into 5th, but the race is still going to be among the top two unless something drastic happens.

Overall Standings
Team   Last week   Change from Last Week   Points
1   EvansIsTheBest   6561   0   6897
2   ray10   6376   0   6610
3   squire   6069   0   6577
4   search   5720   0   6462
5   Nakazar   5532   +3   6395
6   MADRAZO   5586   0   6289
7   Lortnoc   5476   +4   6201
8   triley36   5362   +9   6109
9   Kazistuta   5349   +9   6084
10   laarsland   5485   0   6061

Only change in the top five is Nakazar, with his aforementioned big points week vaulting him up to fifth. In the bottom half, Lortnoc, triley36, and Kazistuta are the big movers, especially those latter two, each moving up nine spots,with triley36 having the same top three as Nazkazar, while Kazistuta used Bennett and Ayuso in combination with Sosa to catapult his way to the top ten.

Next week on the schedule, we start the Giro D'Italia, one of the three Grand Tours! A lot of popular picks are lining up here, could be a fun one for the CQ game, while in minor races, 4 Jours De Dunkerque starts tomorrow after six stages, with some interesting points to be picked up.

Let me know if there is anything wrong with the spreadsheet through PM or on this thread, I'm almost positive along the way I messed things up, but for now, have a good day!
Link here

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