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Re: 2022-2024 Emerging Riders CQ Game
« on: January 15, 2022, 21:20 »
Well, unexpectedly I'm going to make some ammendts in my team  :D

It's just two of the older guys that I let down previously... One I think I shouldn't pass on him, and the other I think can be a precious rare pick. So... Two maybe still slightly green 2001 kids are making room for them.

So for now, the final 18 riders list look like this:
5 from 2002
6 from 2001
5 from 2000
1 from 1999
1 from 1998

Well, last minute change. It's a guy coming from other sport. He wasn't even on my big list because I doubted about his commitment to road cycling, but I just read an interview that gives me good vibes so let's go.

I sack another young lad from 2001 to make room. Final composition of the team:

5 from 2002
5 from 2001
5 from 2000
1 from 1999
1 from 1998
1 from 1994

Note that the 3 older guys that are no longer u23, came late to road cycling from other sports (triathlon, track, mtb).
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