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Re: 2022-2024 Emerging Riders CQ Game
« on: January 16, 2022, 15:22 »
I'm greatly surprised Reuben Thompson is a unique pick. Winner of Aosta lads!

Was one of the 3 youngster I sacked (alongside Askey and rare pick Toumire) to make room for the addition of those 3 older guys coming from other sports, that were Romo (a triathlete until 2020, high in the popularity ranking), Stewart (track rider until 2021, silver in omniun in the OG) and Koretzky (mtb rider, quite older than the rest, who's going to make a shot to road racing starting this year). The frenchman was a high risk pick I just decided in the last minute, but even knowing that, he isn't a unique pick  :angry

Other good unique pick is Felix Parra, one of the main leaders of spanish PT Kern Pharma, that is going to have a great calendar (is expected to go to the Vuelta a España). Late bloomer but good climber, was in my last short list before cuting to make it 18 riders. Fetter and Sweeny were other 2 rare picks that were so close to enter my team.

In the first long list I made (of rougly 70 riders) there are some for the CI team: Not too exciting pros like Lars van den Berg, Simon Guglielmi or Joel Suter, a good looking neo pro like Maurice Ballerstedt and a kid coming fresh from juniors with big potential like Alec Segaert.

Also there are like 20 of the unique picks of other managers. I don't know why, but in the end I always bet on the ones that become mainstream  :lol
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