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Re: 2022 Giro CQ Game
« on: May 06, 2022, 17:38 »
Team Similarity

We don't have any identical selections this time around, so I haven't had to ask any teams to select a ninth man.

I have already mentioned the 7 man overlap between Slow Climber and the Collective Wisdom team, but there are a few teams that have 75% co-incidence with another:
Amis Velo & Leadbelly
Amis Velo & Rote Laterne
Comodoro and Manafana
Leadbelly & Rote Laterne
Northerner & Rote Laterne
Safe Bet & Slow Climber

Of course, whether the degree of similarity of teams is relevant depends on whether the riders who are distinctive to each team perform.

I was very surprised to see that no-one other than myself went for the Carapaz-Yates combination: I suspect that leaves me either the winner, or outside the top 20.  A similar prediction might be made of Mellow Velo (only manager to choose Almeida) and Bicycle Boy (two of the three most expensive riders in the race).  I suppose it is true of Redhead Dane too, but for rather different reasons.

Right, now I have some results to process (but not for a little while: other tasks await me...)
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