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Title: General News that does not require its own thread
Post by: just some guy on February 13, 2012, 09:19
1st bit of news for the thread then

the Specialized vs. Volagi case (
Title: Re: General News that does not require its own thread
Post by: just some guy on February 14, 2012, 08:00
Open Mountain - New Company - Vroomen and Kessler - (
Title: Re: General News that does not require its own thread
Post by: krabkakes on July 20, 2012, 21:30
Bike pedals that double as locks will stymie thieves (
U-locks are ok, and monster chains are a bit better but we all know thieves can be crafty when picking a lock, no matter what the size. What if there was an easy way to prevent your bike from being usable should someone tinker with your lock? That's exactly the idea behind bike pedals that also serve as your bike lock.
Title: Re: General News that does not require its own thread
Post by: L'arri on January 29, 2018, 11:19
Now I don't know about you - of course I don't, this is a relatively anonymous online forum - but I could not avoid reading a bit of a sneer into a few of the captions on this gallery:

A closer look at the Shimano 105 drivetrain

I mean do we, the great unwashed, really need to get a closer look at the sort of kit we see every day on our own commuter or winter bikes?  :D

Well, let me tell you, you and you, the readers of VR, that, whatever CN makes of it, I am not at all sneery about this. :P

At the beginning of every season, especially on the slow news days, we get image after image after image of Super Record and Dura Ace and, well, that SRAM one, and it's like they're rubbing our poor noses in it with all that fancy and expensive tech. The sort of stuff many of us will never own because we have to buy food or pay rent or travel around Asia.

Finally, at last, enfin, we get to see the bike or bikes of an everyman (or everywoman) on top of a team car or between the legs of a local nobody with a race number on it. And no, folks, this is not one of Jimble's Wednesday night time trials. This is the Vuelta a San Juan in Argentina. Nation of silver, not gold. Nation of Ultegra or 105, not Dura Ace.

How wonderful, then, to regard these obscure bike manufacturers named after abstract concepts and discredited former Soviet secret police bosses, a celebration of the affordable, the utilitarian, the functional, the mid-range mediocre.

More of this and now, please! :P
Title: Re: General News that does not require its own thread
Post by: Drummer Boy on March 03, 2018, 13:20
Bike Helmets, Ski Goggles Swept up in Gun Control Debate

Public pressure against companies connected to the gun industry has hit an unlikely target: REI, the outdoors co-op better known for its public lands advocacy, liberal return policy and annual dividend for customers. (


The Seattle-based retailer, which doesn't sell guns, announced late Thursday that it will at least temporarily stop ordering ski goggles, water bottles, bike helmets and other products from some popular brands — including CamelBak, Giro and Bolle — because their parent company, Vista Outdoor, also makes ammunition and assault-style rifles. The decision came a few hours after REI's Canadian counterpart, Mountain Equipment Co-op, took a similar step.
Smaller companies have acted too, including bike shops around the country that have announced they'll no longer carry Vista products.

While it may seem incongruous for customers to boycott water bottles or bike helmets out of concern about mass shootings, there's probably little chance it will lead to a slippery slope in which products even farther removed from the gun industry wind up in the crosshairs, said Abhinav Gupta, a professor at the University of Washington's Foster School of Business. Activists work hard to bring customer and corporate attention to such supply-chain issues but often find it hard to gain traction.
"If you start thinking about the global supply chain, every one of us is involved in something that is against our values:

If it's not Vista, maybe you're connected to someone who designs logos for one of Vista's brands," Gupta said. "That type of information typically doesn't do anything on its own if nobody pays attention. But if you know your actions are predictably going to do some harm, that's when people tend to act."

Manufactured outrage: My favorite kind of outrage.  :wut

This is why the U.S. is so divided.
Title: Re: General News that does not require its own thread
Post by: M Gee on July 04, 2018, 15:55
Oooo! Some interesting and fancy new graphic studies of wind resistance - actually REALLY looks interesting! (

BTW, just took a quick run through the paper. Nothing earth-shattering - not really anything new - EXCEPT the amount of protection a rider in the back of the peloton gets. Quite a bit more than is "common knowledge" (about 30% vs 5% as much energy output).

Which I can relate to. I did the nationals one year (Masters), and was lucky to manage to stay in the peloton. I was a bit farther up - not all the way at the back - I tended to prefer the first third if i could be there. If I had stuck my nose in the wind for even one turn - even if I had pulled off as fast as I hit the front - I would have been gone gone gone. As it was I flatted near the end. Just as well - it was a flat race and the finish was carnage. As I rolled in I passed several riders who had crashed out in the bunch gallop. One of the Stetina brothers was there - either Peter's[1] dad or his uncle - I don't recall. I felt honored just to be able to say I was IN it.

Oh - and the graphics ARE very good.
 1. I had "Phinney" here - a real brain bomb. Don't know what I was thinking, or NOT thinking. In my defense I could say that Davis Phinney and the Stetina brothers, Wayne and Dale, were pretty much the same generation.
Title: Re: General News that does not require its own thread
Post by: M Gee on July 04, 2018, 17:48
, , , and discredited former Soviet secret police bosses,
Who, or which, was that?
Title: Re: General News that does not require its own thread
Post by: L'arri on August 14, 2018, 10:12
I noticed in the front shoutbox that t-72 was grumbling about internal cable routing.

This is something that annoys me too. One of my bikes has an internal rear brake cable while the gear cables remain external: it was probably the last generation to feature those. The other is completely internal.

Recently I went to the LBS and had them refresh the cables on the all-internal bike. I started with the intention of completing the job myself but, not being someone with a deep reservoir of patience, I gave up pretty quickly.

Long story long, the LBS screwed it up too. One cable somehow got wrapped around another inside the frame and shifting was a joke. Should have taken a ride around the block before going home with the bike, lesson learned, but I didn't expect a pro mechanic to mess up like that.

Apparently there are special magnetic tools to help with it but I don't know what I'm going to do next time I have to do that job. I really want to have another shot at it myself.
Title: Re: General News that does not require its own thread
Post by: M Gee on August 25, 2018, 19:40
We've talked, or at least I have, in various locations, about various improvements in knowledge that add up to REAL marginal gains. At least, since I was racing, back in the dark ages before EPO and click shifting. Several of those posts have been in the Dark Side, but this does not belong there.

It does represent and advancement in training knowledge, certainly since I was racing, and I think it will be also for most of us here in the forum. Based on conversations during races, anyway.

Spinning vs grinding - the best cadence for climbing: (

One thing the vid does not mention is rider capacity. One thing I found when I was racing was that some riders had better muscle capacity, and some had better aerobic capacity. Better aerobic capacity led to more spinning. Better muscle capacity led to a slower cadence for climbing.

One point that I thought real interesting? Was that the physio dude said the've found the efficiency difference between spinning and grinding goes away at higher effort levels. Which contributes towards explaining why Contador always danced, and still managed to deliver.
Title: Re: General News that does not require its own thread
Post by: M Gee on May 19, 2019, 01:49
Hey, everybody! This is a FUN and interesting article. Topic? Safety! Solution? Priceless!