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Title: A eulogy for my Dura Ace wheels
Post by: stereojet on March 30, 2016, 11:00
If you'll indulge me a moment.

Ten years ago I bought my first serious bike, and I was going to put some Mavics on it but the bikeshop that built the bike up for me offered me a deal on these nearly new DA 7800 wheels. At 200 quid for the pair I couldn't resist, not least because the canny shopkeeper had already fitted them to the bike...

Well, yesterday, I finally said goodbye to them. The back one went over the winter when the freehub finally gave in and I finally had to admit that the rim was a bit the worse for wear. Then last week, the dot of doom on the braking surface of the front rim became too much to ignore. With it being a 16 spoke wheel, the cost of a replacement rim was rather too high for a wheel that had been relegated to my winter/commuter and so I've bid it farewell.

Those wheels saw me go up and down the moors outside Sheffield, up to the Cheviots and back, round the lanes, to and from work, and thousands of miles in between. They've been battered and bruised but ended only about 1mm out of true. When I could be bothered to wash them in recent years, they still came up looking sparkly and new, and whenever they got up to speed, they made a beautiful noise that always fooled me into thinking I was going faster than I actually was. They've given me nothing but pleasure over the last ten years and of all the things I've bought for my bikes over the years, I think they were the best. So, farewell, my Dura Ace wheels!

(And in case you're interested, I'll be putting the front hub on ebay to see if there are any takers. Ditto the titanium bladed spokes.)