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Title: The Lotte Kopecky Evolution Thread
Post by: Echoes on July 18, 2016, 12:31
I'm not very active on this section but in honour of Slow Rider & Libertine Seguros, I'll have to start a thread and I chose Belgian up-and-coming talent Lotte Kopecky, why because she has just won the Omnium race at the Euro championship for Juniors and U23 after winning the point race as I mentioned here:

She outclassed Ina Savenka of Belarus and Emily Kay of the UK. She also finished 4th in the Pursuit race.

And most of all she's selected for the Olympics on the road (whether for the ITT or the in-line race) but not on the track

From today's Gazet van Antwerpen again:

Title: Re: The Lotte Kopecky Evolution Thread
Post by: Echoes on August 10, 2016, 15:43

Lotte Kopecky can be proud of her in-line race. She knew that the win was impossible on such route and so she wanted to make the best of it. After the long solo he could keep up till the last climb. She thinks she got the maximum. The national coach Ludwig Willems was glad with both her's and Anisha Vekemans' race.

She recoed the ITT route. An ITT suits her but she's still young and misses power and strength and there were only 25 riders, only toppers.

The Olympic atmosphere did not seem to impress her. She had expected more impressive. She was only impressed by the height of some female athletes like basketball or volleyball players.  :D And she met with Michael Phelps in a restaurant. He was just next to her but she recognized her despite his cap but didn't dare ask for a selfie, lol. She also met with the King and the Queen and with the King she could ask a selfie and got it but cannot share it. It will be framed in her home.

Her chances for success this morning were rated at 10% by GvA. 5% for Tim Wellens and 15% for Anne-Sophie Duyck

Title: Re: The Lotte Kopecky Evolution Thread
Post by: Echoes on August 23, 2016, 12:29
Gazet van Antwerpen made an article today about our hopes for Tokyo, whatever the sport and they seemed to judge Lotte as our main one, they showed a bigger picure of her than all of the others.  :)


national coach Peter Pieters said that while you sometimes had to kick Jolien D'Hoore's ass in order to get her to perform, you would rather need to hold back Lotte Kopecky.

Lotte is from Schelle but moved to Niel. In Rio she rode the road races on a route was not really made for her. Yet she raced 50km alone in front and finished the race.

I had rather raced on the track but it was impossible to compete with Jolien D'Hoore

Or rather not yet. Because in the pursuit, Lotte Kopecky has already raced faster than Jolien's record.

In theory, it's hers to race omnium in Tokyo [Jolien has definitively turned to the road]

His coach Koen Beeckman:

I believe in her. She not only has the talent but also the character to reach the top.

Title: Re: The Lotte Kopecky Evolution Thread
Post by: just some guy on September 06, 2016, 12:17
Title: Re: The Lotte Kopecky Evolution Thread
Post by: Echoes on September 06, 2016, 17:45
Libertine Seguros of CN gave to me their opinion about Lotte Kopecky in private. I'm not knowledgeable so far about women's cycling but plan to pay more and more attention to it. So with their permission, I'm posting it on Velorooms.  ;)

I think Lotte is an interesting name to watch, occupying the same kind of sprinting classics rider kind of niche as Floortje Mackaij (maybe not as much of a phenom as Floortje in the making, although the latter is now injured of course), who won't win a straightforward sprint event but can make it over a wide arrange of small hills and rouleur obstacles. I freely admit that with Lotto I tend to pay more attention to their climbing arm as I'm a big mark for Claudia Lichtenberg. I think Kopecky could well be dangerous in Lotto Cycling Cup races and get good placements the Benelux WT races going forward though.

Title: Re: The Lotte Kopecky Evolution Thread
Post by: Echoes on October 25, 2016, 20:37

From FC Schelle Forward to Female Greg

Today's Gazet van Antwerpen

Gold in the Madison and Bronze in the Omnium. Since the Euro championship, the Jolien D’Hoore’s dominance over Belgian women’s cycling is over.

Lotte Kopecky is a 20 year old gutsy rider of Niel. In 16 days you have in Niel the Jaarmarktcross but there’s more to the town than just a parade of cyclocrossers (it’s also the town of Paul Herijgers and where Wout Van Aert was raised ;)). With Lotte Kopecky there’s a new standard-bearer of women’s track cycling. It was actually at the cyclocross of Niel that she made her first steps into cycling.

Yet my parents didn’t see it fit. Again a new sport: gymnastics, basketball, equestrian, tennis, ski, football…
She’s tried all of them but each time stopped a short quickly afterwards.

I was the forward of FC Schelle for 6 years but when I crossed for the first time in my brothers’ footsteps, I really was sold. I enjoyed cross and was good at it but since the track was an Olympic event, I had to drop cross.

From the “aspirant” category on [~14 years of age, I think?]I went to the Ghent track a few times. That’s where she learned to know Jolien D’Hoore. Lotte was the girl who’d rather stay in her corner but was taken by the 6 year older Jolien under her wing.
At that time she was already very good. I was super shy. She taught me a lot. I’ve always admired her.

That period is gone now. Now that Jolien is going to focus more and more on the road, Kopecky has to be the new standard-bearer of the Belgium’s woman track racing. In Tokyo she will race the Omnium in order to do better than Jolien’s bronze medal. After all she was already third in Paris.
On pure speed, Jolien is faster. I must rely on endurance and my ITT. If I need to compare myself to a road rider, than it has to be with Greg Van Avermaet. No top sprinter but very fast after a hard race.

[The comparison surprises me because she’s a better time-trialist in women’s cycling than Greg is in men’s cycling. What they have in common though is the football past]

Her Czech name comes from her great-grandfather, a migrant who came to Belgium for love. Lotte shares her live with 17-year-older Ken Ilegems, a mechanic. His father Etienne was 6 time Belgian champion in the amateur ranks and the latter’s brother Roger was Olympic champion Point Race in L.A. 1984. The last Belgian Olympic Gold medal before Van Avermaet but his post-cycling life was sad [this is a comment by me].

Ken is also an elite w/o contract rider but he rarely has a ride with her because he cannot follow her anymore. When they reconed the Nats, they had a sprint but he could only follow her for 100m, that’s it.

A few days later it was the biggest disappointment of her season, the 2nd place at the nats.
I really cried afterwards. I then outsprinted Jolien but someone was even faster.

Next Sunday Lotte Kopecky, Jolien D’Hoore, the BMX rider Elke Vanhoof are expected at the Eddy Merckx Cycling Centre in Ghent for the Women’s Cycling Fan Day. 
Title: Re: The Lotte Kopecky Evolution Thread
Post by: Echoes on February 18, 2017, 12:34

Lotte Kopecky's Olympic Plan

The harvest was good on the malt-coloured planks of the Ghent velodrome. Lotte Kopecky got back home from the Nats with three Gold medals around the neck but the cyclist would rather recall the times set
I'm most of all happy with the evolution I've made in one year. I've bested my personal pursuit record by 3 seconds
She declared to Directvélo.

The Antwerper didn't just shine on the track. She also made a convincing first season on the road in the red jersey of the Lotto Soudal Ladies team. She won the Maarten Wynants Trophy and made some notable performances like a 2nd place at Gooik-Geraardsbergen-Gooik or a 4th place at the Tour of Belgium.
I thought I would have crossed a course with my new team but it proved even better than expected.

This former football player ascribed her success on her winter build-up.
I did it all for my sport. I had a very good winter in order to start competition with an ideal condition. I approached last season with more professionalism. That's probably the secret behind my success.

From this rich season Lotte Kopecky above all remembers her Gold medal at the European Madison Championships. The ambitious 21-year-old rider will keep on combining track and road for the next seasons with a long-term objective: the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
I'm following Jolien D'Hoore's footsteps. My choices will revolve around the track in which I'm ambitioning Olympic Gold in the omnium but this won't stop my progress on the road in 2017. I'll race the Flandrian classics like the Circuit Het Nieuwsblad in which I want to show up. I recall having a good feel on the Tour of Flanders. My aim on the road will be winning my first "1-class" which is the logical step in my progress. Then there's the Track Worlds mid-April

There's still work to do.
Title: Re: The Lotte Kopecky Evolution Thread
Post by: Mellow Velo on February 18, 2017, 13:54
 She won the Cali world cup omnium last night.
Title: Re: The Lotte Kopecky Evolution Thread
Post by: Echoes on January 10, 2021, 23:29
I was surprised to see that Lotte Kopecky all of a sudden decided to cross this winter. She's a really srtrong pursuit rider, not really cut out to be a crosser. Her season was short. Up until late December, she had raced 5 crosses but still she was the only one to sort of threaten Sanne Cant for the national title (if ever "threaten" can be a suitable verb). She surprised herself.

It's not in conflict with my road season and I'm not replacing my training sessions. It's a nice alternative. I even think the bike handling cross technique could help me on races such as Strade Bianche or Paris-Roubaix. I'm having fun and feel no stress at all.

1. *be Sanne Cant in 45m39s
2. *be Lotte Kopecky op 22s
3. *be Alicia Franck op 1m38s
4. *be Laura Verdonschot op 2m17s
5. *be Ellen Van Loy op 2m19s
6. *be Marthe Truyen op 2m47s
7. *be Loes Sels op 2m49s
8. *be Suzanne Verhoeven op 3m10s
9. *be Kiona Crabbé op 3m50s
10. *be Karen Verhestraeten op 4m08s


Sanne's compliment :

You can never underrate anybody and this I certainly didnt do with her. She had no pressure at the start and is even has technical talent and is very strong. I'm not surprised that she's second.
Title: Re: The Lotte Kopecky Evolution Thread
Post by: Echoes on October 25, 2021, 11:19
Lotte Kopecky is World Champion Point Race in Roubaix, her first title since the Madison title four years ago along with Jolien D'Hoore. She also got silver in the omnium and elimination races. She beat Katie Archibald and 39-year-old Kirsten Wild on her last race.


Title: Re: The Lotte Kopecky Evolution Thread
Post by: Echoes on March 06, 2022, 11:12
Strade winner

Title: Re: The Lotte Kopecky Evolution Thread
Post by: Echoes on April 04, 2022, 12:36
I haven't watched much women's cycling in recent years but I have the feeling that this is the year of Lotte Kopecky's breakthrough at least on the road.

2nd Belgian winner at the Tour of Flanders, in 19 edition. Grace Verbeke was the 1st one in 2010.